Hey there, I'm

Michael Farník
What I do
Front end
JavaScript - I've been working with in this language for almost 5 years and it has just become the most natural way to code for me
React - This is my main area of expertise. I always do everything I can to be ahead of the curve when it comes to React and its ecosystem and to learn about all the new features as soon as they're announced.
UI/UX - Designing, implementing and perfecting the way users interact with my apps is one of my favorite parts of development. I think that little things about UI make all the difference and you can never spend too much time on them.
Vue - I think this framework has huge potential and I'm definitely planning on doing more work with it to see how it scales. Its community is still a bit lacking though which is why I prefer React overall
Back end
Node.js - I completely support the JavaScript everywhere paradigm so it makes sense that I write most of my back-end code with Node
Express - For me, Express is just the easiest thing to build APIs with. It's usually my go-to choice for anything server-side
SQL & NoSQL - I usually use NoSQL systems (because they're just so good) but I've worked with MySQL too. Combine that with something like GraphQL and you get the perfect API
System architecture - I often take ideas from conception to completion and that includes designing a system that will run fast
Testing and deployment
Jest - It's what I use for 90% of my tests (including the ones for this site!)
Cypress - For when I need something more complex and E2E
Heroku - I've worked with AWS and GCP, too, but I still prefer deploying on Heroku
Some of the things I've made...
Mind Your Time
Do you ever have trouble planning your day? Do you find yourself making unrealistic plans or just not being able to follow through? That's what Mind Your Time aims to tackle. You can plan your day with it and then make sure you actually stick to the plan.
There's no login, installation, fees or ads. Go check it out!
A simple, yet effective and well-designed eshop for a small book publisher.
You can browse the books and authors that the publisher works with, see what they've been up to lately and place orders.
Grab Wiki Data
I made this project for all the students out there that need to look up a ton of terminology for homework. Instead of having to look terms up one at a time, you can do it all at once. It has already saved me hours and I hope you'll find it useful too.
About me

My journey on the web started when I was 8 years old. That's when I learned the basics of HTML, CSS and programming... and then promptly forgot everything I had learned. But I still think those beginnings taught me a lot about thinking like a programmer.

I really got serious about software at the age of 14. I downloaded some apps that taught me the basics of JavaScript, Python and other languages and just started playing around with them. I wrote games, websites, web servers, even some basic machine learning and AI. It was a whole new world to me at the time and I was fascinated by it. I felt completely lost at first but then slowly began to get the hang of it which felt great.

I gradually started to realize how much I enjoyed web development in particular. It felt really natural to me and I came to realize that that was what I wanted to do. So I started learning about frameworks, testing tools, build tools and everything else, all while still improving my knowledge of JavaScript. I found React and quickly started to like its workflow and principles. I also started reading about Vue which quickly became my favorite for smaller projects.

Of course no one can ever completely understand all of software development. I still have a lot to learn and I always will have. But I finally feel like I get the gist of it now and like all the hard work has finally paid off.

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